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    Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an Adult + Pediatric CPR/AED certification valid for two years, which meets OSHA/Workplace requirements, and is accepted by Scouts BSA and many other organizations.

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    Have internet? You can take this course just about anywhere you have an internet capable device such as a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

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    With our hybrid blended learning format, you can work at your own pace, complete the online portion from home or anywhere and work around your schedule. Find time that's good for you — not the other way around!

Course Outline

— Take a Peek What Topics are Included —

    1. Welcome to Class

    2. Course Layout

    3. How This Course Works

    4. Section Reviews

    5. The Final (Written) Exam

    6. Questions + Help

    7. Your Host

    8. Course Overview: Course Length

    9. Slide Handouts: Course Introduction

    10. Course Introduction

    1. Section Overview — Providing Care

    2. Slide Handouts: Personal + Legal Protection

    3. Personal + Legal Protection

    4. Slide Handouts: Emergency Action Steps

    5. The Emergency Action Steps

    6. What is Shock?

    7. Slide Handouts: Shock + ASR

    8. Shock + ASR

    9. Slide Handouts: Respiratory Emergencies

    10. Respiratory Emergencies

    11. Choking

    12. Choking: First Aid

    13. Slide Handouts: Strokes

    14. Stroke

    15. Section Review: Providing Care

    1. Section Overview — Cardiac Emergencies

    2. An Intro to Cardiac Emergencies

    3. Slide Handouts: Cardiac Emergencies + CPR

    4. Cardiac Emergencies + CPR

    5. How To Perform CPR (Lay + BLS Responder)

    6. Slide Handouts: AED Use

    7. AED Use

    8. Section Review: Cardiac Emergencies, CPR + AED Use

    1. Course Wrap–Up

    2. Before You Take Your Exam...

    3. Exit Survey

    4. Final Written Exam

    5. Next: Hands-On Practice!

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  • 2.5 hours of video content